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Your root cause analysis platform

Causelink supports the most popular RCA methods.

  • Five Whys (Plus)
  • Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram
  • Incident Timeline
  • Cause & Effect Logic Diagrams

Powerful cause & effect diagrams

Do you still capture RCA investigation output on 20th century media? If so, what happens when the meeting is over?

  • Causelink replaces sticky notes, dry erase boards, and flip charts
  • Move past Excel, Visio, and PowerPoint templates
Cause and effect diagram

We love sticky notes and dry erase boards!

They are like listening to music on vinyl –warm, analog, and they foster a personalized experience. You may post a hundred sticky notes on seven different pieces of flipchart paper by the end of a long day of investigating.

They might be small notes, big notes, different colored notes, with wavy lines connecting everything – a “Beautiful Mind” masterpiece.

But now what?

Several more hours of documenting your output in Excel, Visio, or PowerPoint? Those are great tools, but they weren’t made for root cause analysis - not like Causelink was.

Causelink gives you the flexibility of sticky notes and flipcharts. And when you’re done, you’re done. But don’t take our word for it - try it for yourself.

Causelink captures and organizes RCA findings

Evidence, problem statement, cause and effect, and solutions support your learning culture

Causelink software helps you facilitate — it doesn't get in your way.

  • Intuitive interface allows you to jump right in — no lengthy training classes or complex documentation to read
  • Drag and drop functionality gets you quickly to a final product (that everyone can read)
  • Document evidence, problem information, actions, notes, attachments, and event summary
  • Export to PDF, DOCX, CSV, or TXT

Built for root cause analysis

    • Cause & Effect Diagram
    • Data Export (pdf, docx, csv, txt, srca)
    • Action Tracking
    • Drag & Drop
    • Incident Timeline
    • Problem Statement
    • RCA Templates
    • Cause Patterns
    • Fishbone Diagram
    • Evidence Storage
    • Workflow
    • Report Writer

Ensure corrective and preventive actions are implemented

Assign and track corrective and preventative actions

Solutions don’t work if they aren’t implemented.

  • Assign actions to team members
  • Solution workflow tracks actions from initial identification until final validation

Integrate with other applications

Software integration logos

If you're already invested in a separate management system, integrating Causelink Enterprise will boost your RCA capabilities. Causelink Enterprise plays well with others! Many safety, quality, or asset management systems include a basic root cause analysis module, but nothing as flexible or sophisticated as Causelink. Our API easily connects with other systems. Looping Causelink into your existing application seamlessly provides your users with RCA-specific capabilities.

    A plan for everyone


    Single user

    $322per year
    • Access to all RCA tools and templates

    Cloud-based and mobile-friendly...



    $5,000per year
    • All Individual features
    • Team collaboration
    • Limited admin reporting access

    Cloud-based option for up to twenty named users...


    20+ users

    $ by concurrent users
    • All Team features + concurrent licensing
    • Advanced reporting
    • SSO authentication
    • API access
    • Individual support

    Cloud-based or On-Premise, Causelink Enterprise is the world's leading RCA software...

    Causelink root cause analysis customers

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    ISO certified

    Causelink is a registered trademark of Sologic, LLC.

    We are proud to share that Sologic is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified provider whose Information Security Management System (ISMS) has received third-party accreditation from the International Standards Organization.

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