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How it works

Whether you are investigating a minor incident or a complex problem, Causelink provides root cause analysis templates to support your work. Choose from 5Whys+ or Sologic RCA templates, both of which support incident timelines, fishbone diagrams, and cause & effect charts.


Document evidence

Document RCA evidence

All investigations rely on high-quality evidence. Causelink provides a place to document each evidence record. You can attach files or include links to outside references, such as web pages and videos. This keeps your evidence neatly organized and makes it easy to access during the RCA.


Write the problem statement

Define the problem statement

Capture all relevant incident information, including the focal point, times and dates, locations, and problem impacts, both actual and potential. Configure problem statement templates to make sure information is captured consistently and accurately.


Analyze the causes

Define cause and effect relationships on the RCA chart

Causelink offers a variety of graphical tools to analyze and document the event. Create an interactive timeline to tell the story from start to finish. Use a Fishbone diagram to help guide and organize brainstorming sessions to identify possible causes. And create a branching logic diagram to show how causes interact with each other. Drag and drop functionality makes it easy to quickly prototype and then finalize the output. Use Causelink's built-in [Fishbone/Ishikawa diagrams](fishbone-ishikawa) to help you brainstorm potential causes.


Find solutions

Assign and track corrective and preventative actions

Once you've found the causes, choose which to control in order to prevent the problem from happening again. Solutions can be attached to any cause on the chart. Once identified, Causelink provides a variety of additional tools to help you choose the most effective solution. Then assign solutions to team members and track their progress to completion.


Share findings

Share your RCA findings with PDF, DOCX, or CSV export

Configure your report to include any of the information you captured during the analysis. Type an executive summary to provide a high-level overview. Dive deep with a detailed summary statement including all the information. And choose other information based on the needs of your readers.

A plan for everyone


1 user

$384USD per year
  • 5Whys+
  • Ishikawa/Fishbone Diagrams
  • Incident Timelines
  • Cause & Effect Diagrams
  • Export to PDF, DOCX, and CSV

Cloud-based and mobile-friendly, Causelink Individual is a state-of-the-art RCA investigation tool. Causelink Individual offers the advanced charting performance, intuitive interface, and sharp report output of Causelink Enterprise to the single user.


5 users

$6,250USD per year
  • All Individual features, plus
  • Team collaboration
  • Action item report
  • Solutions report
  • Groups & permissions
  • User management
  • Administrator access

Cloud-based option for up to twenty named users. If you have a smaller team of problem-solvers who need to collaborate on RCA projects, Causelink Team is the solution. Allows teams to work together to analyze problems and track actions.


20+ users

$ by concurrent users
  • All Team features, plus
  • Concurrent user licensing
  • Advanced reporting
  • RCA change logs
  • System access logs
  • API access & integrations
  • SSO authentication
  • On-premise available
  • Premium support

Cloud-based or On-Premise, Causelink Enterprise is a powerful RCA software tool for large teams and/or multiple locations. Supporting productivity, collaboration and culture, Causelink Enterprise helps solve the toughest problems and gives leaders the power to continuously improve their organization.

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