Gather Data

Store all incident data in one place. Access photos, videos, PDFs and other files when they are needed.


Describe the Problem

Document the time, location, and impact of the problem to gain a common understanding of the issues and focus on the solutions.


Analyze Causes

Chart how causes interact and pinpoint which ones can be controlled with solutions to prevent problem recurrence.


Generate Solutions

Find solutions that will prevent problem recurrence, verify they have been completed, and validate their effectiveness.


Report Findings

Package findings into a PDF report that can be easily shared.

Causelink Mobile

Included with all subscription levels, Causelink Mobile saves you time and reduces errors by making it easy to add data to the system from remote locations. Quickly add evidence, causes, notes, actions, and solutions using the native voice to text features of your mobile phone. Upload images or videos that relate to the issue you’re investigating.

Whether you are out in the field, on the shop floor, or in a conference room, Causelink Mobile speeds up the investigation process and makes it easy to see all your data from any location.

Causelink Enterprise

The Enterprise version of Causelink supports team collaboration, management reports, and Administrative control over many of the tags and options in the application.

Great for overseeing an RCA program, Causelink Enterprise can be installed within your corporate network or hosted by Sologic in the cloud.

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